Monday, February 11, 2008

I think i hear Connie...

Healering Science: Part II

Healering Science: Part I

I'll let you figure out the progress...


I'm not sure what he's looking at! But if it's like Dandelion, i'm sure they're pretty. Later, i found what i was looking for!

Ire in the corner pocket

Manquilor wanted to trap the Ire in the corner. I did it the only way i know how.

Manquilor's past time

Manquilor gets applause for his spectacular, if not fatal, lava diving.

Lancia says: "The gossip about you is CLEARLY wrong"

Lancia has lots to say about me.

Flea powder!

Word got out before i even posted this - who bribed Loom'Bir?


Mordred does estimates.

Another port gone awry

This is another first: ported to water, immediately washed up on beach. I killed Ebony in the process. Sorry Ebony.

Somewhat related, i ported our party from the last valley cave to town... and left myself in the process. Fortunately, i'm fast on my paws.

As Ebony says: "That was different."

FB got Scared.

We don't often get scared like that!

"Dat was purdy!"

I went out to port Ebony while a golum was on the landing and picked up Manquilor who was under some rocks. Two for one special.

Dandelion thought it was a 'purdy' rescue port!