Monday, February 11, 2008

I think i hear Connie...

Healering Science: Part II

Healering Science: Part I

I'll let you figure out the progress...


I'm not sure what he's looking at! But if it's like Dandelion, i'm sure they're pretty. Later, i found what i was looking for!

Ire in the corner pocket

Manquilor wanted to trap the Ire in the corner. I did it the only way i know how.

Manquilor's past time

Manquilor gets applause for his spectacular, if not fatal, lava diving.

Lancia says: "The gossip about you is CLEARLY wrong"

Lancia has lots to say about me.

Flea powder!

Word got out before i even posted this - who bribed Loom'Bir?


Mordred does estimates.

Another port gone awry

This is another first: ported to water, immediately washed up on beach. I killed Ebony in the process. Sorry Ebony.

Somewhat related, i ported our party from the last valley cave to town... and left myself in the process. Fortunately, i'm fast on my paws.

As Ebony says: "That was different."

FB got Scared.

We don't often get scared like that!

"Dat was purdy!"

I went out to port Ebony while a golum was on the landing and picked up Manquilor who was under some rocks. Two for one special.

Dandelion thought it was a 'purdy' rescue port!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mysticking again...

Forget most of what i said... except of course the ignoring of the wailing.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

What does Crius know about EP?

What does he know?

Sentinel yells!?

Sentinel yells, "Obey the Emperor's law, or be destroyed."

Go chat with him. Listen.

Lanna to Myrms!

FB guested Lanna - so where do we go? Myrms of course. Oh, what's this?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Anything is possible"

You figure out how 'flacid' fits in.

Poppies on the rocks!

Manquilor does Poppy science...

Connie says "go lure K'vynn"

I find it's generally easier to lure the group...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I Journey once more

I Journey once more, i must have done something terrible? a fall from grace? Perhaps i hate being the hated? Perhaps i no longer wish to know. Perhaps i know what i need to know? Perhaps... oh vain! Puddleby exiles will now look on me once more in favor as they do all Journeyers. Ah, am i now the victim - they now will love me like they do MaryJane. That is the ultimate goal, is it not?

But, what do they really know? They laugh at the apprentices: "fools" they say, a waste of time, look at you scurry for nothing! they love the Journeyers: "you are useful now!" and they hate the Mystics: "you and your secrets, you won't let us know! you lord over who joins your secret society, this is not right" because we should know everything.

What have i learned? Ignore the wailing ones.

I am on a short trip, on the mind.